Tuesday, December 16, 2008

brown, the new christmas color

I feel like I am personally helping UPS stay afloat during these turbulant times. Red and green are the beautiful colors of Christmas, but I think brown - cardboard brown - really signifies the holidays have arrived (on your doorstep or someone else's).


Brittany Owens said...

I think everyone loves it when the UPS truck stops at their house. It is like the 365 day a year Santa.

Katers said...

Living on a cul de sac, when the UPS/Fedex man drive in there is a one in five chance he is coming our way...unfortunately, most of our packages come via parcel post.

Another Duree Family! said...

it's funny that you should mention that. at work, we refer to UPS and the brown Santa, FedEx as the white santa and another carrier (can't remember their name right now, lol) as the yellow santa. yes, we have a very strange sense of humor