Thursday, December 31, 2009

way to end things

We certainly know how to end the year with a bang. Two bangs in fact (but I'll tell it to you in three):

1. Not only do I have pneumonia, I also have acute bronchitis. Who knew my bronchi were so cute! I have tons of lovely meds to take and thankfully my live-in doctor explained to me how to use them, because my doctor I saw today certainly did not. She also decided I did not have pneumonia and said "you go and have a chest x-ray and I'll prove to you that you are not sick. You don't look sick." Can I help how vivacious I look? No. Forgive me for putting on real clothes and make-up to go out in public, Ms. Doctor, whom I am not excited to follow-up with in the next two weeks. As it turns out, the radiologist did find that there was in fact pneumonia. Hmph.

2. Nate is on call beginning last night all the way to Monday morning. We knew this was coming because he was off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is generally no problem, we just make no serious plans and are flexible. Having two cars makes this a little more liveable, but...

3. Ooops. While getting off the ramp to come home this afternoon, Nate's car decided it was done and completely stopped working. This is the car we acquired during our famous car incident in 2007. It currently has its bumper held up with industrial-strength twisty-ties (Nate is confident this has nothing to do with the car's refusal to work). AAA came and towed her away. We're hoping whatever it is, she can be coaxed into working for the next 6 months. Otherwise we'll have to make some rash decisions, and you know how much we love to do that.

Needless to say, we are ready to welcome 2010. In fact I think we're having New Year's Day dinner tonight, instead of tomorrow - just to show the New Year how wonderful we think it will be. Its got to be the New Year somewhere, right?

Wishing all of you clear lungs, unrestricted bronchi, and cars that work,


sarah said...

As it turns out, Nate's "crankshaft sensor went open loop" on him.

Kristin said...

It is 2010 in HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!! This is going to be a great year for you, I can feel it in my bones! As for the car...we'll keep it in our thoughts. As for you and your cuteness...I'm glad you have your very own doc to take care of you! Get better!

Anonymous said...

You're right, it is the new year somewhere. Hang in there I know that 2010 is going to be great!

Becky said...

Can an open crankshaft sensor get itself back together? (With professional help, of course...)