Thursday, January 31, 2008

happy pink-tastic birthday

Yesterday was a momentous day. It was full of pink and wonder. It was a day all about being 6. The day began before 7 a.m. (because after-all, six is before seven, right?) when Grace came to tell me (in a most excited manner) that indeed her legs were longer than they were the day before. Then after I finally brought myself to consciousness, she demonstrated that she now was a faster runner than she had been before. Dressed from head to toe in pink, we headed to school for Lunch Bunch. Grace bounded into the school office and said (to the school director, secretary and two teachers), "Hey Guys! Guess what?! I have great news!" Then following a dramatic pause she proclaimed, "I'M SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And really how much better can it get from there? Later on, I joined the class for a special birthday Snack Time (and the delicacies chosen by the Birthday Girl - "Nacho Chips" (Doritos) and some Nasty Pink Lemonade (Mmm, it is amazing the difference between the taste buds of a six year old and her mother). A good friend of mine, Kara, came over in the afternoon to decorate the cake she made. As you can see from the pictures it was a work of art. After Nate came home we played some party games (well, one really), sang, ate cake, and of course opened presents.


Lindsay said...

What a fun day - and great photos! I love Nate's new glasses. I'll bet they give him x-ray vision for his patients...
love you guys,

Salsie said...

Looks like it was a 'pink tastic' day! Happy B-Day!
Love, Salsie

UR said...

Nate in the, um, glasses.

He looks like the huyman liaison doctor for those alien saucers that abduct to do probes and yadi-ya.

"No, it's not cold! You von't feel a tingle! Not zotchyew kahn remember, anyvayss. Oh, you like zeh leetle flashy ting? Say oy.'

UR said...

On sibling relations:

There is hope.