Saturday, May 17, 2008

the rest of the trip

As Kindergarten graduation is fast approaching (Tuesday) I realize I'd better post the remainder of our spring break trip before it isn't technically spring any more!

While on our trek we discovered the Berlin Wall (or at least a section of it - which I must say was rather moving, I wasn't expecting to have feelings about it, but I did. I suppose I could blog about that at a future date) and the Church of St. Mary. A church you say, big deal! Well, yes it is a big deal as this is a 12th century church from the middle of London. Crazy the things you find in Missouri!

We also found the Bass Pro shop in Springfield. Quite a place. If you haven't every been there once, you owe yourself a visit. (Even if it is just to put on a camo bathrobe, to sit in a camo recliner, and read a bow and arrow magazine for just a minute so your spouse can take a picture of you!)

There are beauties to behold inside (like underground) and outside (like on a nature hike). We did both such things in the Branson area (thankfully we did not venture into any shows as the only shows Jimmy cares for involve Cars or Buzzlightyear). Everyone enjoyed a view through their 'noculars' (that's what Jimmy calls 'em).

All in all, we learned about the treasures of our state, survived a few days in Branson, and really had some nice family bonding time. So much so that we can't wait for spring break next year!


Katers said...

Glad your back to blogging! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. We have a Cabella's and Bass Pro right by us and we spend many nights checking out the fish tanks and "nan-a mals" while Joe is getting fishing lures and the like!

Robin Bob Morrison said...

I could swear the mag Dad is reading is titled Big Block.