Saturday, March 23, 2013

ski break

Since we live in the desert, we choose to spend our spring break away from the Spring-Breakers here. Instead we go where its cold.

This time we elected to try our luck (and limbs) and ski.

A lot of our day looked like the above picture. Not much of our day looked like this picture:

After lessons for both children we concluded
1.) Just because your parents get engaged (15 years ago, btw) while skiing does not mean that you will love to ski as much as they do (or did)
2.) Driving only 2 hours to your ski vacation is much better than driving 12 hours, especially since the majority elected not to ski the next day
3.) One should ALWAYS where sunscreen EVERYWHERE the sun may kiss them
4.) Nate should absolutely treat himself to a real day of skiing sometime
5.) On the day of his snow treat, I should treat myself to the spa

It was true spring skiing - the temps got up to the upper 50s.

The snow became mush and slush.

After a while Jimmy called it a day.

He decided to get his groove on in his ski boots.

I decided to admire the view.

Flagstaff is sure a pretty place, but its snow is certainly not "The Greatest Snow on Earth."

Friday, March 22, 2013

you gotta know when to hold 'em

What's a kid to do when no one is enthused to play Monopoly with you day after day?

You get your friend Buzz to help you out.

Turns out Buzz and Jimmy are very well matched. Sometimes Jim wins and sometimes Buzz wins. In then end we all win!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

happy spring!

I realize that many of you are suffering with 20 degree weather and impending snow-storms and blizzards.

We had a teeny share of winter this year.

One day it hailed,

and it snowed! For real.

It still wasn't cold enough for Miss Grace to put on her winter coat, though.

Friday, March 15, 2013

the age of poetry

I really wish I "got" poetry. But it just doesn't speak to me. I was invited to a bridal shower once with a poetry theme. We were supposed to pick out our favorite love poem, type it out in a beautiful manner, and present it to the bride-to-be along with a gift that somehow related to the poem. I wrote out the lyrics to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and gave a creme brulee set.

There is one form of poetry that speaks right to my heart. I am so fortunate because among his many talents, Nate is quite a poet as well. One of his two forms of poetry is the one that sings to my soul: limericks (his other form of poetry is haiku, I like it, but it doesn't get my poetry-fire burning quite like a good limerick does).

To celebrate my 37th birthday, Nate arrange for a Limerick Slam (it was fireside and we even had cake!). Today (because I am now well past my 37th and 1/6th birthday) I will present to you some of the fine limericks gifted to me that night (aren't you excited???!)

We gather here for Sarah's birthday. 
It is her best and not her worst day. 
She grows much more dear
To me every year, 
Much closer than back on our first day. 

When Sarah Beth was 22
She was able to wed you-know-who.
Now that she is 37,
She is practically in heaven,
And doesn't know quite what do do.

What birthday wishes are hers?
She does not want to be draped in furs.
She loves to have flowers,
And sleep in for hours,
And with chocolate she practically purrs.

We think you would like a vacation
Take a plane, boat, or speedy train station
Lay around and get tan
(does your skin think it can?)
Then return to your home, street, and nation.

There once was a girl with blond tresses
Who like to buy shirts, pants, and dresses
She loves getting us gifts
All our spirits she lifts
Her thoughtful ways certainly bless us

The once was a girl who could cook
She didn't even need a book
She made something nice
With sugar and spice
And a very big piece I did took.

There once was a girl from Chi-town;
She met a guy who could get down.
Impressed by his dance,
And attempts at romance,
She consented to wear a white gown.

We know Sarah Beth loves to cook, 
And read her old mystery books. 
She can build a mean fire, 
Can teach and inspire, 
You see she has more than just looks. 

She is really too lovely for words, 
As our brood she so lovingly herds. 
Her reactions to fowl, 
Being freaked by an owl, 
Show we really share no love of birds. 

And there you have it - some blessed snippets of my poetic life.

gems from james

We have been traveling and while doing so have gained two gems from James:

1. In regard to a taste of his dad's fancy-pants gelato (something like roasted banana, almonds, and orange blossom honey) he says as disgustedly as possible, "I thought this was going to be delicious."

2. We have finally figured out his dismay at the word "toiletries" because to a seven year-old boy there are only "toilet trees."

PS the above photo was taken a few months ago at Grandmother Darling's home

Friday, March 8, 2013

a poetic approach

I get it - some people just don't dig vegetables. That's fine. But I'm tired of the whining. So the new approach is thus:
Eat your requisite amount (you need to eat a specified amount but there will be leftovers) without whining. Afterwards you may be excused but only if you are willing to write about your non-eaten vegetables in a poetic form (preferably haiku, limerick, or 2 rhyming verse).

This was Grace's gem last night:
my orange veggies
sit uneaten in a bowl
in a pool of stuff

It makes meal time much more fantastic.