Saturday, October 26, 2013

What do you do?

This question will be asked of me several times tonight. Almost half of those asking will be successful female surgeons who happen to have children of their own. Meaning, they too are moms. But when asked they will reply they are a Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon. My general response to this question is "I'm a Mom." Seeing that many of these women are also Moms, I put together a few responses I might go with as well to the question: What do you do?
1. I go to bed early.
2. I study the effects of chaos.
3. I'm a writer - mostly of lists.
4. I track the whereabouts of belongings.
5. I'm a planner.
6. I'm a personal chef.
7. I'm a laundress.
8. I'm a reader.
9. I'm a dreamer.