Monday, February 11, 2008

party, anyone?

It isn't every day that someone you know turns 6 and then shortly after someone else you know turns 2. So it has been party central here.
For Gracie's birthday we partnered with another birthday family (Rowan's) and did a party at the St. Louis Science Center (according to Grace, it is her "Favorite Center of all!"). The marjority of the Kindergarten class (which thankfully is only 13 kids!) and parents attended the bash. They played in the Discovery Room for a while, then it was time for cake. The room we were in had a spectacular view of A.) Hwy 40 and B.) a giant ball machine. Very cool, especially to the 10 year old and younger set. Here are a few pictures from the day.

For Jimmy's big day, we took him to the Whittle Shoreline Railroad. His birthday evening consisted of presents and blue cupcakes and was shared not only with us, but with Salsie and Pops (my mom and dad). It is a toy store featuring wooden trains. The beauty of the store is that they have several wooden train tables with tracks and tracks of trains, trains, trains! And they let you play with them all you want. Pure heaven for a little boy. The highlight of the visit was a real frieght train zooming by on the track right across the street. When the whistle blew, all the little kids dropped the toy trains and ran to the door and the window. It was pretty exciting.

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Robin Bob Morrison said...

I love the pic of Sarah holding Jimmy about halfway down. You can see Steve and Sally both so clearly in her mug.