Monday, June 16, 2008

sad feet

I imagine by now, most of my devoted readers know that The Caveman in my life came to this world with an orthopedic problem commonly referred to as clubfoot. He started to undergo non-invasive treatment at the age of 10 days and today no one would ever guess he had non-normal feet (they carry him to and from trouble very quickly, just as you'd expect two-year-old feet to do). Sadly there are children born in other countries who are unable to receive treatment as early as J. And so where J can run and jump and climb and spin - someone else cannot. There are various groups and organizations that assist these kids and one of them is CURE. If you click on the CURE link you can "sign a cast" and $5 will be donated. The five bucks pays for a cast for a child (FYI - J had to go through 4 or 5 sets of casts). So if you've got a chance to do it, would you mind? J thanks you (and so do I).


H. said...

Very thoughtful. Thanks for the link.

kev&chels said...

i went to the link but couldn't figure out how to sign the cast? let me know how to do it if you get a chance. i'm probably staring right at it and missing it!

Katers said...

Thanks for the post Sarah, I've visited the link :)