Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Its been too many days since I've last written. Here are things in no particular order that have a). been going on, b). have made me happy, or c). I just think you should know:
  • Its been more springy than wintery here and I love it. I know it isn't here to stay just yet, but I have shoots coming up in the front, there are buds on the trees, and I've been to the park a couple of times.
  • Nate took his last major-all-day exam of residency. The next big test is Boards which will take place in about a year from now. He wore his testing pants and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to frame them and hang them in his office some day.
  • Jimmy has been saying many very funny things, I think I'm going to have to start a column on the side of the blog for him similar to 'Grace-isms.' If anyone has a good name for that, let me know.
  • DWTS started last night. I celebrated with a big bowl of popcorn. Do you pop your corn on the stovetop or the micro. If' you've never tried stovetop popping, click here for a good recipe (and eliminate the rosemary).
  • I got to hold a brand-new 8 hour-old baby!! So cute, so sweet, so happy to hold him and then go home to my babies who are no longer babies. Another friend of mine will be having her brand-new baby in the next couple of weeks. I'm pretty excited for her (well and for her husband too).
  • I found one of my favorite Agatha Christie books and its been so long since I've read it I can't remember what happens next. (I'm sure it'll be finished by the time I go to bed tonight, but it still makes me happy).
  • I am not as freaked out about selling our house as I have been. There still is much to be done, but I feel good about the whole thing.
  • Some friends told us about a website where you can order prescription glasses (including lenses) starting around $12 (with only a $4.95 shipping charge!) We're going to give it a whirl. Check back in a few weeks to see how its going.


Ollievie said...

I'm jealous of your Spring weather. It's snowing for the 3rd day straight here in Montana! I went and bought myself some blossoming branches from the florist.

Brittany Owens said...

I love the weather also, although I can feel the cold in the air again tonight. I think you should call his column Jimmer Jabbers or Jimmy Jabbers. Oh, I don't know. I like to pop my popcorn with an air popper. Not as fancy as the stove, but a step up I think from the microwave.

Anonymous said...

Dad thinks you should call it 'Huh?' since that is one of Jimmy's favorite words.

Emily S. said...

love the randoms.... such a good way to blog when you are not feeling FOCUSED. :)

Love the idea of you framing the testing pants.. That'd be hilarious!

Becky said...

I agree that the testing pants definately need to be honored and preserved! I can picture them in my mind, and am amazed they made it that far!
We've been thrilled to have a few days above freezing, and are looking forward to when spring arrives here- (maybe in May?)
So glad that you're feeling better about the selling process. When we sold our last house, I stressed out so much, I think I nearly an apoplectic fit!

Brig said...

Those testing pants . . . did he get them from Adam Sowa? Circa 1992?

Come on! You KNOW you know what I'm talking about!