Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jimmy' girl and Jon's girl

We dropped Grace off at school this morning. As soon as the door was closed and we began to drive Jimmy said, "I aldeready miss Gracie. I aldeready miss my girl."

I suppose they've had a lot of bonding time lately. You can't help but feel close to those you conk out with in the back seat of the car strapped into car seats attempting to catch flies while your parents zoom through the desert in the night hoping to reach your Nana's house before your mom resorts to singing Bon Jovi songs to keep herself an attentive driver.

Thanks to Jon, we successfully navigated an unmarked detour (realizing the big trucks are most likely headed to the interstate, I stuck with them (and several other cars decided to stick with me) and wouldn't you know my new truck driving friends lead us straight through desert farmland right to the interstate - love those truckers, they won't lead you astray) and pulled into the drive right around midnight.

As a side note, during the next few days Grace sang "Never Say Goodbye" a lot.

More details and facts from our fact finding trip are bound to appear on this blog at least sometime in the future.
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Ollievie said...

you are one witty lady! and that picture is priceless :)

Seriously... said...

Do you like the SNL "opposite band" Jon Bovi?