Monday, May 17, 2010

young love

Nate's cousin got married on Saturday and we got to be there!!!
I love weddings. And I think Grace does too. Its about all she's been talking about for the last several weeks. She wasn't in the wedding mind you, but she knew it was going to be an awesome day. And of course, it was. Here she is looking much too grown up with Josh.

May I tell you I seriously love the stemware containing lemonade and fruit punch. They were feeling very debonair and somewhat older than their years (check out those puckered lips in the picture above!). And for the record, we are a serious no-kissing-cousin kind of family.
The reception was right on the harbor. Check out the view!

Things only got better. Guess who caught the bouquet:

Guess who had enough and decided to sleep on top of the table:
Guess who danced with the most eligible bachelor and then went on to shake her groove thing the ENTIRE time (and later told us, "it was like I was the center of attention or something"):

The bride and groom had a bubble send-off. I think it was a little too soapy for their liking...
But we sure had fun!
We tried for a fabulous family picture. I think we got one. How many of you can claim a family picture with a perfect bubble in front of your husband's face that almost resembles a monocle?

Congratulations Rachel and Tanner! Wishing you an eternity of happiness, joy, and soap bubbles!

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Seriously... said...

you're still a classy lady in my book (electric youth and all). I was probably just jealous of the electric youthers cause my mom wouldn't buy me a bottle until my love's baby soft was all gone.....

wedding looked like fun. You guys need to come up north for a visit!!!

Ollievie said...

You make me laugh! I love the family picture ;)

GG/MOM/geny said...

All of it was very special, makes me think of some of the beach weddings/and-or-receptions here.
I noticed the puckered lips but also saw the lovingly-lingering-doe-eyed looks GRACIE PRODUCED..HE JUST COULD NOT RESIST I SUPPOSE.
We are in the Moonlight and Magnolia Season locally..the Magnolias will bloom about another month and their sweet smell is beyond heaven..and if sitting on porch in moonlight with that tantilizing fragrance floating around..lips do pucker up if the right one sitting with you.
I am so pleased she took to the dance floor with handsome someways she is like her GG used to arthritus make a graceful step or turn almost put you on the floor,. Not complaining, just explaining; you have to realize you have had your day in some areas that does not last all of mortality.
All in all, it is a marvelous day and memory you have captured on camera and shared with us.
With much love from grits-by-the-sea-side-and-neighbors-magnolia-tree next-door endowing-me-with-heaven-scented-air-plus giant-blossoms-to-enjoy.GG/MOM/geny

Laura said...

Sarah, you are too funny. It looked so fun. Grace sounds like such a fun girl. I wish you lived here and she and Alexa could be best friends.