Friday, November 5, 2010


Its officially the weekend here; and not just the weekend, but the first weekend of November! Halloween came and went (I have the candy to prove it, and on that thought I'll share with you that Skittles are highly addictive and I wonder if there are traces of crack in them because I cannot stop).

I've already begun with my Christmasing (I just might convince Nate we need to put lights up outside the house this year, I mean we have a house (and it has outdoor plugs, something my dreams were made of years ago) and we have no chilly weather to contend with, I think its a must!) I've also started my shopping (though I dread the wrapping, maybe I'll stay on top of it this year?)

But what am I missing? Well, we almost missed the notion of Thanksgiving. It just sort of gets washed out in between the great holidays of Black & Orange and Red & Green. A friend of mine mentioned on November 1 she would list things she was grateful for each day.

Lucky for me she mentioned this on our night for Family Home Evening. So we did the Grateful Jar and the Grateful Jar, Jr. The Grateful Jar, Jr. houses strips of paper and markers. And the Grateful Jar is filling up with those strips of paper with what we are grateful for written on them. Some are silly and some are serious (and Jimmy's are really worth listing out for you sometime).

I am looking forward to reading them all together. I'm thinking we'll do it sometime during the week of Thanksgiving. Our T-day meal will be with Nate's whole family (lots of fun yes, but not necessarily the time for our little family to have our Grateful Moment). Maybe we'll do it during breakfast on Thankful Thursday while watching the parade on TV (I love to watch the parade, do you?). We'll see.

I'm trying to remain true to the holiday. I think it will help balance us between the sweet indulgences of the holidays it is sandwiched between.

(And speaking of sandwiches, my pantry is seriously lacking in Nutella).


The Lunts said...

I hate the shopping, but enjoy the wrapping, maybe we could team up?

Ollievie said...

Write one down for me . . .

I am thankful that I'm stealing your great idea.

And another one . . .
I am thankful for your witty sense of humor. I do so look forward to reading your posts.