Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wizarding Muggle Secret Agent Society Meeting

What happens when two birthday party ideas for two very different kids collide and become one? I'll show you.

Spy Guy Party, meet Harry Potter Party:
The Wizarding Muggle Secret Agent Society Meeting

The Spy Guys/Hogwarts Pupils met in our living room. It was easy to coordinate as all the pupils were actual cousins of the birthday children. They were given a magic wand constructed out of magical secret ingredients and materials that I somehow uncovered at the hardware store. Also you should note these wands were not intended to poke each other's eyes out.

We were all given secret agent names. Agent Thunder, Agent Tranquility, Agent Stardust, Agent Dusty, Agent Centurion, Agent Dasher, Agent Sheepskin, and Agent Scarlet were all present.

Once appropriately named and wanded it was time for training exercises. The first was to weave oneself through a series of "lasers" in the hallway (think Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment only with hot pink crepe paper taped to the walls by my brother instead). A tricky feat, to be sure.
The next exercise was one in disguise. There are times when an agent needs to quickly move from being seen as a muggle to a wizard and back again. I think this by far was my favorite game.

Following our training exercises it was time for potions class with Professor Laryngology. The class was held on our patio, as most potion classes are. I think Professor Laryngology is so much cuter and manly than slimey Snape, don't you think?
Their first potion: Dragon Toothpaste. There are many field assignments in Bulgaria near nasty dragon breath. It is worth your while to know how to defeat dragon halitosis.
It erupts quickly!
Here's our youngest recruit. Darling, huh?
After class it was time for refreshment. Please note that fabulous looking punch. Much of that came from the magical fruit of our citrus trees. Delightful to be sure.
After our repast it was present time. Jimmy is one kid you just want to give presents too, mainly because of his reaction to every gift. This is his face after opening up Trouble:

Here he is after opening a book. He just stops amidst all action and dives right in to read. Good thing this one wasn't a chapter book, he would have been there for quite sometime.
Grace takes a serious approach to her gift opening. Yeah, she's fun to watch too!
Want to know what time it is, ask Grace the Ten Year Old.
Here are some of the birthday trappings:
And the final activity? Well, I can't tell you. Its a disguised secret!

Happy Birthday, Grace and Jimmy!!!!

Ten and Six never looked better!
We sure love you!!!!
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Ollievie said...

Wow! Awesome party! Happy Birthday to your cute kiddos.