Sunday, September 23, 2007

dr. daddy goes to washington

Last weekend Nate left for a five day trip to Washington, DC. Why, you may ask, would he voluntarily leave his incredibly beautiful wife and adorable children? For the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery National meeting, of course! For days, Nate and his doctor-friends learned about neck disection, sinuses, ear canals, and of course snot. In between these exciting courses, he managed to see some DC hot spots such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the National Geographic Society, and Arlington Cemetary. Grace and Jimmy were not too excited to have their Daddy gone for so long. Even though we're used to him not being home every night, its a different thing all together to know that he's not even in the same city that we are. Needless to say there was much weeping and wailing from the backseat when we dropped him off at the airport; and much joyous celebration when we went to pick him up. We love our Dr. Daddy, and we really love him to be right here in STL with us.

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Jared said...

Sorry we missed Nate--we just recently moved from Alexandria! I spent a long two weeks in Alexandria before being reunited with my family at the end of August (they had already moved to NC). I know how you feel!