Friday, October 5, 2007

another week

Well, its been a while since I've posted last. Things have been busy. Last week had me planning and then running from one church event to another. Our ward's quarterly enrichment was entitled "Meet Me in St. Louis." They asked me to run the portion on restaurants in STL. Click here to see what we (Nate and I, because its no fun to eat out without him!) pulled together. Saturday was the General Relief Society Broadcast. Our stake always has a dinner before the 7:00 broadcast, and being in the stake RS presidency, I get to help out with it. Generally we expect around 120 sisters and plan for 140 servings (you know, just in case!) and this time we had over 160! Amazingly, there were enough servings for just about everyone. For dessert we did a Candy Bar and gave each of the ladies a little box to fill up with their favorites - be it M&Ms, Skittles, Kisses, peppermints, you name it. They really got into it. My mom was there (you see the next day was our ward's Primary Program, so my parents HAD to come and see Gracie) and said "I've never seen grown women behave that way around candy." Hilarious. At one point, one woman (who certainly is old enough to have her own grandchildren) emptied out this giant glass jar of Starbursts to get to her favorite color. And speaking of the Primary program, Gracie did a great job. She surprised us by memorizing her lines (she insisted all we she would read them from the paper like the big kids do) and of course knew all the words to the songs. And because she is Grace, she did her own little interpretive dance to each song too. Jimmy sat very still (well "very still" compared to how he usually is) and watched his big sister very closely. We're looking forward to this weekend. Conference is always a nice time to slow down and I think we need some down time.


Katers said...

What a great list! Next time I'm in St. Louie, I'll have to venture to a new joint!

I'm really enjoying your blog, I get to catch up with you and the fam!

Lindsay said...

Wow!! You guys went into quite a bit of detail on your list! I'm very impressed! I'm also getting very hungry and want to try a dozen of those yummy places...mmmmmm. If I'm eating for two, eating out can't be all THAT bad, can it??