Tuesday, October 30, 2007

trunk or treat

Saturday was our ward's Trunk or Treat. Beforehand Grace got her groove on and dressed as a ninja (what? which picture is of a ninja you ask - it of course is when she's wearing her Halloween pants, holding her bright magenta "ninja purse", brandishing a ninja star, and wearing a vibrant purple ninja mask). Jimmy was supposed to be a Lion, but he seems to cry every time we put his costume on him, so he settled for a fire fighter. Grace was Glinda the Good Witch (note her creative crown, make you think of BK?) Nate elected to be Indiana Jones and I (I know you are wondering what I dressed as) went dressed as a mourner. I am holding a picture of our forsaken car.


Robin Bob Morrison said...

Look y'all, first of all, just as these expanding pictures get big enough to see well, they VANISH! Which brings up my second issue:

I really didn't do very many high-grade psychedelics back in the day, but still, no flashbacks are good flashbacks, capisch?

Next year, I think Nate should be Old Man Withers. You already have meddling kids, right?

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Reminds me: last time I dressed up for Halloween was when Erinn was still forming in Diana's tummy. She dressed as a (pregnant) nun. I obtained an especially vile suit of polyester, greased my hair back, channeled (through a brief seance in the bathroom) the more redneck spirits of my Appalachian forebears, and with Gideon's in hand, introduced the world to Reverend Verlin Leroi, as unctuously evangelical a sharer of Good News as ever there was. Hari Krishnas turned to stone in my presence and who could forget the miracle of the fried chicken and hush puppies?

And I STILL believe in Mary Worth!!