Friday, October 12, 2007

all better

Nothing like a bunch of pink and orange cupcakes to convince you to take your medicine and make you feel all better!
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Sheri said...

Jenna says: That when your arm is fixed and you come to our house and visit us. We will have a good time with your fixed arm!Ohh and I have a present with a picture on it. I hope you like it and hang it on your wall. It is a funny picture. I like your pink cast and what kind of animals are on it?

From the mouth of Jenna

Katers said...

Glad to see she still has smiles on her face! Sounds like a rough week for you and Nate!

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Little girls should have really really EXCELLENT coloring books. Books with pictures like these:

And my favorite:

But without the colors so she can make her own. We didn't have coloring books like that when I was a kid. We still don't, I suppose.

Someone should make them.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Oh yes. THIS one:

And this: