Tuesday, October 30, 2007

look mom, two hands!

Gracie got her cast off today (which she giggled all the way through). However, when they pulled the pins out (I couldn't even look, just the thought of them make me very squeemish and at one point I pondered what would happen if I keeled over!) it was very painful for her. They said that it wouldn't hurt too much (really, can you trust what your doctor says?!?), but apparently it did (and Gracie's pretty tough). So she was in agony and I just felt so bad for her that I started to cry (just a few tears, mind you) and of course Jimmy cried because Gracie was. We were quite a sight! But when it was all done they asked if she still wanted to see the pins (she had said that she wanted to before, obviously I didn't want to see them!) she said that she did. Later I asked her what they looked like and she said, "Kind of like the Arch of St. Louis." Shortly after the pin removal she was still kind of upset and then I reminded her that now she can trick or treat tomorrow without her cast and she stopped crying right away and smiled really big and said, "Really!?" And since that point, she's been just fine. A little stiff, but fine.

And as for the car, well we still don't know much yet. Nate was able to get some of his belongings from it (his anti-freeze-soaked white coat and our 'Chicago Greatest Hits' tape didn't make it, but he did manage to get his stethoscope (also soaked with anti-freeze) and other doctorly essentials free). The adjuster was going to see the remains of it yesterday and now it is not just a car accident but a double homicide, so there will be a lot of red tape. We're still hopeful the assailent's mother had insurance (the Mercedes SUV he was driving was her's and for the record - that SUV held up amazingly well, I know Mercedes has a major price tag, but it was the only car that was somewhat recognizable in the impound lot). So now we just have to practice our patience.

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"practice our patience":

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