Tuesday, October 9, 2007

from the E.R. to the O.R.

A call came in yesterday from the Orthopedic office that Grace in fact would need to have her armed surgically repaired. I know that may sound bad, but really they just needed to stick two tiny pins into the bones to allow them to heal correctly. I wasn't too excited about it, and then when they said they set it up for 7:45 TODAY, I was even less excited.

We broke the news to Grace yesterday over fries and Fitz's rootbeer. She took the news in stride (Nate explained everything to her and I realized that he has explained things like that to lots of children and he's really good at it). This morning a good friend (you know she's a good friend because she got up before 6 a.m for us) came over to watch Jimmy so we could leave for the hospital at 6:15 (they want you there super-early). Nate picked Grace up from her bed, she popped her eyes open, put on a big smile and said, "Daddy, are we late for my appointment?!" So she was ready.

She was so happy to meet all of the nurses, doctors, and residents. She was so excited to have a new pink cast (think worse than Barbie pink), and regally rode on her little bed to the O.R. with her entourage of professionals. They leave the parents behind at the double-doors, the ones that separate you from the Doctoring World. It was a new experience for Nate not to cross through the doors; and it was a new experience for me to let my little girl go through the doors.

I walked back to her little room and then started to cry, not too much, but enough that I thought a little walk would do me well. Nate stayed in the room in case the doctor called and as I walked in the hall I saw two more sets of parents at the double-doors, and both of the moms from each set we just wrecks! (Also, it made me feel a little better to see that I was in good company and that I wasn't crying nearly as hard as either of them.)

Grace did very well during the procedure. It was fast and quick and there were no complications. Her doctor said that she'll need to wear the cast for three weeks and then all should be healed up. So that means she may not need her to wear her cast on Halloween (we'll see).

Grace was upset coming out of the anesthetic (they said that is normal for some kids who have never had any before) and she was in a lot of pain. Thankfully they were able to give her some good meds to control it and after a few hours we were able to bring her home. She slept most of the afternoon, and slowly through the evening she's back to her normal Grace-ness (for example, she's a bit miffed that she won't be able to go to Lunch Bunch tomorrow) and she's running around (a bit) and playing with her Buv (that's James, she calls him that all the time).

And so there you have it. We're exhausted, but glad that its over with. I can't believe its only Tuesday!


Robin Bob Morrison said...

So Sarah has a blog! Good thing she's married to a doctor. Blog sounds like some medical condition, like a mole gone monstrous or a swollen larynx, not a diary-shared-with-the-world.

I like blogs. I like the leisurely rate of communication that a text-to-text medium provides, as well as the fact that they're often illustrated.

Speaking of which, cute pic of Gracie with the sling on. Girl's got legs, too.

This is the semi-mythical Unca Rob, reminding you and Grace that even children of God say stupid things, sometimes. ESPECIALLY DJs. (Try explaining to your daughter the etymology of 'disc jockey'. Could be fun.)

This should prepare you to explain more mysterious phrases like the Biblical/BOM motif "In the fullness of time".

Like too much root beer too fast? Which sheddeth light on another Biblical trope: "This too shall pass."

Kids understand these things so much better than we adults do.

Sorry I missed out on voting Nate's Fate. The entire world could surely benefit from at least my advice if not my outright command.

All I can say is that Portland Oregon is a dream city with exquisite public transportation and gobs of character, that OHSU ain't bad, and has this new nifty ski lift/monorail/giant gondola thingie to ferry patients and personnel from high atop Marquam Hill to the newly opened Health&Wellness Center down on the riverside.

So if Portland's on the options list...

ciao babeez,


P.S. But, of course, you'd have to like rain.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys:
How did Wednesday go? Did Gracie stay home or go to school? I can imagine her consternation or indignation at missing Lunch Bunch....
Anyway, we love you guys and hope the rest of the week is peaceful.
Love, Nana and Poppi
PS. Uncle Rob is a crack-up

Natalie and Tyler said...

Tyler wants to tell Grace his new joke.

What do Sharks like to eat?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish Sandwiches.

He hopes laughter will help heal her arm quickly.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

For it is never to young to inspire a wee one to achieve perfection:


Be sure and click the 'enlarge' magnifier icon in order to read.

But to make perfect mudballs, or clay hush-puppies, one must, I assume, go to Tokyo Hands.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

From such humble beginnings, you see, can develop great, or at least very weird, things:


O brave new world...