Tuesday, October 16, 2007

here comes the flower girl

To cap off our "exciting week" Grace was the Flower Girl in a friend's wedding. Another good friend doctored up the dress to enable us to actually get it on (manuvering any clothing over that cast is proving to be quite tricky) and she made a new "Arm Purse" in a perfectly coordinating shade of red. And yet another friend came to the house to give Gracie (what Grace refers to as) a flower hair style. Jimmy suited up for the occasion and really didn't want to stand still for one second in order for us to get a good picture of him. The kids really were the life of the party. It was a fun evening and certainly the highlight of our weekend.

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Lindsay said...

Alyssa saw Gracie and said, 'Princess!" She definitely thought Grace looked beautiful. And so do the rest of us! And Jimmy looks SO grown up in his suit (even with his finger in his nose). ;o)

What a beautiful, wonderful occasion! We miss you guys!