Friday, December 7, 2007


This is for all of you out there who visit but never leave a note! I'm looking for reasonable Christmas ideas for a certain almost 6 yr old girl and I'm also wondering what your favorite Christmas CD is and why. To make it fair I'll tell you that what she really wants for Christmas (which has already been spoken of by certain grandparents) is "Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name" (I am hoping it has a volume control) and my favorite Christmas CD is Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Katers said...

I think you should get Gracie a REAL puppy! I'd sure like that if I was six...

My favorite Christmas CD is Ray Connif - We wish you a Merry Christmas. The records was always played by my mom and it just makes the season for me.

Kara said...

I can't say it's my favorite Christmas CD, but the One I know best is Mariah Carey's Christmas album. I had a roommate at BYU who started to play it in October to celebrate Christmas. She was very enthusiastic about celebrating the holidays. Mariah has such classics as "All I want for Christmas is You."

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Get a bunch of BIG boxes from some appliance/furniture warehouse. Stove boxes, refrigerator boxes. Smaller boxes. LOTS of cardboard.

Lots of duct tape. A box-cutter. Cut and tape it all together into a kid's town with tunnels and towers and 'secret caves'.

Then but them some crap they want like Puppy Grows so they can have stuff to dink with while they explore their own personal world.

My daughter Erinn and her cousin Libby spent a lot of time in theirs.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Oh yeah. James Taylor out a Xmas CD last year that is way above average.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

James Taylor is Coming Around

Sorry for the lousy AOL vid-link. It takes smalltime punks like the youtube crowd to make videos that load decently.

I don't think this is the CD original, which swings a little harder, actually, but this lets you see Jimmy T do the body thing; that is, you can see him squeeze the up from his tootsies, shake it ar4ound his bootyrocks a bit, then let it out his larynx.

Some guys can sing. Wish I could. But I can swing fer sure.

He also does a deeply moving version ofg "In the Bleak Midwinter", my very foveritest Xmas song of the Bethlehem vein.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Irony knows no bounds. But sentiment constrains it all and grants it expanse:

A bit of subtext: this would likely be mid/late 90s, when ICBMs were the prevailing apocalyptic nightmare. Also, David Bowie was synonymous w/ "acceptable homosexuality" at the time (owing to the coincidence of his top-40 breakthrough fame and a confession in People magazine that he and his wife had ventured a tad into bi-sex waters, although proved a tradition hetero womanizer).

Anyway, at the time this footage was filmed (our grand-whatevers will ask us why we call video selections 'footage', but all generations need historical mysteries in order to maintain their thrill for their future), Bing'n'Bowie was QUITE a bridging of ye olde generation gap of the time.

Bing's 'class' is a thing of it's own.

P.S. Bing was born/raised in Spokane. Bing was 74 at this time.

Sadly, the audio mix only clearly reveals what they sound like as singers together at 3:00 through 3:25 or so, with the real kicker only for 3-4 seconds at the start.

Bing was old by then. I miss the old bawstid. (Bing, not Bowie.)

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Oh, and right at the end, you hear their voices in full balance. (Bing mostly registered in the low alto/upper bass by then.)

He was, agewise and somewhat culturewise, to Granpda Jim and G-G, what Keith Richards is to us Boomer hanger-on's today.

I gets misty, y'all.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

"Pretty thing, isn't it."

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Actually, it is FAR more accurate to say that James Taylor is to us Baby Booms what Bing was.

But Keith is of the same age, and he snorted his old man's ashes mixed with coke, so let's give him some Auld Lang Zyne credit too?