Monday, December 3, 2007

holiday madness

I feel like we've already survived the holiday madness as we've visited both sets of our parents in the last 14 days. Two weeks ago, the kids and I headed North to the outskirts of Chi-town to visit Salsie and Pops and enjoy Thanksgiving. That Saturday we met up with Nate on his layover at O'Hare and squeezed ourselves into one row on flight to Phoenix. We were met by his parents (Nana and Poppy) and enjoyed our 6 days in AZ. Then we sqeezed back into one row on a flight back to Chicago (by the way, we are so very grateful for our free portable DVD player we somehow scored from our satellite dish provider several months ago). Then Sunday we all drove back home. We've been off and running since we arrived and will hopefully catch up on our lives soon!


Byrd Manne said...


hEE-HEE-HEE! thAT'S AWESOME. nEXT (CAPS oops, dang laptops) thing we'll be calling him Satchmo:

(The nickname is a contraction of Louis' original nickname: 'Satchel Mouth'.)

Well waddya know. Google blogger wants to let me have a nickname. Only nickname I ever had was when we moved here into this house in '98. Hippy Buddhist neighbor across the street took to calling me Birdman.

"We've been off and running since we arrived and will hopefully catch up on our lives soon!"

Wonder what they've done while you've been gone.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Satchmo's url rendered workable:

Robin Bob Morrison said...

An experiment:


Robin Bob Morrison said...

Experiment failed.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Experiment again:


Robin Bob Morrison said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more entertaining, the blog or the comments.


Robin Bob Morrison said...

I forgot to mention that "Pops" was Satchmo's other nickname.