Friday, November 16, 2007

poster boy

Well, we can officially tell you.... Jimmy is the new "poster boy" (well really cover story I guess) for clubfeet. Most of you know he was born with this congential problem, started treatment on day 10 of life, and by just watching him move (run, walk, climb, dance, etc) you wouldn't ever guess. Wash U did a story on Jimmy (and really on his doctor) and the specialized treatment they can do these days not involving major reconstructive surgery. So click here to see our very own Jimmy Page! You can then click on "Fall 2007" and on the next screen click - "Ready For Action" to read the article.

And if you are wondering what his feet used to look like, here is a darling picture of his sweet toes taken a few days after he was born!


Sally said...

Destined for fame, I think. We don't have to look to far to see miracles around us.

Mom M.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Hey! My darling tootsi-pooh, Diana (she's my wife, y'all) wore a similar brace for a similar reason when she was a similar age.

What's *really* tragic are those poor folk with club-nostrils.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

I just (re)realized his name is eponymous to the famous (and in my opinion, hideously overrated) guitarist.

O well. I am precisely of the age demographic that could smugly tell his high school peers that I dug Zeppelin 'before they went commercial, man'.

I recommend you play 'Ramble On' as a lullaby. It real;ly is a sweet bit of musical evocation, and Plant managed to transcend his maudlin streak and achieve genuine schmaltz on that one.

But the lyrics... I mean: it's a taking-leave-of-love song and he wails:

"But Gollym, the Evil One, crept up and slipped away with her..."

If I want comic book level love emotions, I'll stick to Super Man/Lois Lane.

But yes, Jimmy did some very nice guitar work on the instrumental bridge in that one.

UNca Rob's classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal guitar hero dictum number one:

There are only two of that era whose string-pulls caught the ears of the Olympians:

In the Heavy Use of Electronic Augmentation division, there was only James Marshall Hendrix

In the Usigf Fingers and Factory-Installed Guitar Knobs
there is only still Jeff Beck.

hHe Hendrix Ye Have Always Known, but the mastery of Mister Beck is less publicized. Allow me to demonstrate:

(Sorry but I don't know how to turn the url into a live link on blogger format)

However, for the greatest underrated guitarist (and tragically
passed away too young) division for both Guitarist/Singer & Songwriter, we must go to Grandpa's youthful days (he was about fifteen at the time), and behold classic understatement AND what Austin Powers was evoking in his wonderfull goofy movies:

Hard to believe them Serendipity Songers were, y'know, like, *cool, man*...

Robin Bob Morrison said...

Added coolness factor: the song Jeff plays was written by Charles Mingus as a tambeau for the passing of Lester Young, in whose quiet, soft-shoed footsteps giants still tremble to tread.

You might call him the Joseph Smith of revelatory saxophone playing.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

A genuine lullaby:

Sleepwalk as played by Brian Setzer.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

THIS is what weird uncles-at-a-distance are for. To give grand-nieces and nephews a hope for the future that burns like a light saber-nightlight:

Being 4 years old is about nothing BUT what that video shows.

Robin Bob Morrison said...

4 years old refers to my memory of jumping off the edge of the couch and my insistent memory that I FLEW>>>>>>>>

Well, I DID.

Katie said...

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