Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my turkey recipe

So, I'm sure you've been pondering how best to cook up that bird in a few weeks. Here is Grace's recipe (written down using her words during Family Home Evening last night). She is pretty convinced this is the one my mom will make for us on Thanksgiving.

8 potatoes
4 cups gravy
1 juicy, fat turkey
10 cranberries
7 tomatoes (whole)

Put the gravy in the center of a bowl. Put 7 tomatoes (enough to cover all the gravy). Put the whole turkey in the oven and cook it up with the rest of the ingredients. (Place them by the turkey.) Take it out after one hour and set the timer for 25 minutes. Then we eat it with the gravy and tomatoes. Even with ketchup.

Oven Temperature: Twenty-Hundred degrees (or the temperature that is just right)


Robin Bob Morrison said...

Excellent recipe, but she forgot the two liters of dry ice. A lot of people do.

Anonymous said...

Tell Gracie I am considering how I can include her recipe in making our turkey!