Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr. NoBeard

I've been searching for Nate and his face.
Have you seen him?

Maybe he's hiding behind something.

Perhaps he got hung up somewhere.

There he is, I found him!


Brittany Owens said...

That was such a cute little post. Very clever. I don't think he looks to bad with a beard.

H. said...

He looks okay with a beard actually. It's always hard to me to imagine. How long was that experiment for? And what did you think about it?

Becky said...

I've never seen Nate with a beard before! I tend to resist change, but it does look nice. (of course, we think Dr and Mrs. Page are adorable however they look!)

Ally Cat Girl said...

Cute post! Nick does the beard thing a lot. As much as I don't like it, I can't give him a hard time about it. He has really sensitive skin so he hates shaving.

Ollievie said...

This was such a fun post. In Montana, everyone has beards! I'm actually going to miss Damon's when we move away from here.

Lindsay said...

Wow! Nate looks a lot like Dad did in the days of Dad's podiatry school days. Lookin' good, Nate!