Sunday, November 2, 2008

tricks and treats

Grace was a Treat in her "Grace the Glitter Fairy" get-up. Jimmy decided it would be more fun to play a Trick and refuse to wear his costume. At least I conned him into wearing an orange t-shirt with "Frankie-stein" on it.

On Saturday we finally carved our pumpkin. Grace oversaw the design. Jimmy tried really hard to get ahold of the knife to carve it himself. I tried to be as carefree as possible, but found it difficult to do so. Wonder if the 2 year old holding the knife had anything to do with it?


Natty by Nature said...

This year we painted pumpkins instead of carving them. Tyler refuses to participate when we carve because he would rather die than put his hand inside a slimy pumpkin. Plus carved pumpkins last about 2 days in the AZ heat.

Michelle & Jesse said...

OMG! I miss you guys!!!