Monday, November 24, 2008

the bird

I sometimes think I'm a mean mom because I trick my kids into doing stuff they wouldn't normally choose to do. Last year I asked Grace how to make a Thanksgiving turkey because Salsie (her name for my mom) was looking at different recipes. You can click here if you are curious to see what she said. This year I told her Kara needed a new recipe. So Kara, here it is -


3 cup oil

100 pieces turkey

1 pan

2 scoops salt\pepper


Put 3 cups oil in a bowl. Then put in 100 pieces turkey in the bowl. Put them in a pan. Last put 2 scoops salt\pepper in the pan.

Cook temp:


Cook time:

80 minnets


Brittany Owens said...

too funny. Let me tell you, I would love to eat that turkey. She says the cutest things.

Katers said...

Nice recipe Sarah, will that be accompanying your 5 pies???

Nick said...

Sadly, Kara and I will not be cooking for Thanksgiving this year. But next time we are hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner with people we would like to see visiting an emergency room, we'll be sure to give this one a try.