Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new perspective

For weeks and weeks I've been trying to convince Nate we should move the furniture around. For weeks and weeks he's been hoping I'll forget all about it. However, persistence has won this time and Saturday was the day. I love the outcome! I've been feeling like our house and belongings are taking me over and I've been feeling overwhelmed with our decorating style, "Student Special," but a new spin on things makes everything so much better! Sometimes looking at what you've got from a different angle makes you appreciate it a bit more.

Wishing you a Happy Tuesday,
Sarah the Content


Natty by Nature said...

Yay! Rearranging or reorganizing always rejuvinates me too.

Katers said...

Hey, are you going to post some photos? Glad you enjoy your "new look".

Brittany Owens said...

I love moving furniture around every now and again. I agree, I want pics! You can't leave us hangin like that! :-)

Seriously... said...

oh, i remember nelson ("after the rain!!!"). I only didn't include them because 1.) there was only 2 of them and 2.) they were twins, and I think that's a whole 'nother support group all together (one I thankfully don't have to join) :)

Hope you guys are doing well...i heard a rumor you guys might be going to CA? is that true? if so, when?