Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a poem, by grace

This is the poem Gracie brought home for us today. She's been talking about our late Christmas present all through Winter Break. It turns out to be a well crafted poem she penned herself:

Kind, pretty
Cooking, driving, drinking
The Page Family is graceful.
Working, running, singing
Nice, kind
I was touched she said I was kind and pretty, that she noticed I cook a lot and she realizes all the driving around I do. But what's with the drinking?!!!!??


Sally Morrison said...

That is a very sweet poem. Drinking...hmmm...she must mean Diet Coke while you drive!

H. said...

First thing I noticed too. Driving and Drinking? I guess alot has changed since I last saw you my dear!

Brittany Owens said...

Does she know something we don't? No, she really has a knack for the poem stuff. How fun.

Ollievie said...

That girl of yours is so cute. She makes me laugh - out loud. I hope you can cut back on the drinking in the new year :)

Katers said...

Sarah, I totally knew it... you do drink alcohol!!!

If I had to really guess, I'd say Diet Coke too!

Becky said...

Have you been following a certain someone's example and hitting the vanilla a little too hard?
Or is it the cooking sherry (yikes!)?
No, seriously, that was a very sweet and perceptive poem- what a girl!

Jared said...

Sarah, I love reading the blog. Ahh, the things we didn't know about you... Great poem, I just wonder what her teacher thought about it! LOL!

Lindsay said...

heeheehee. drinking and driving, eh? That's a risky move, young lady. You'd better lay off the diet coke...