Thursday, April 2, 2009

april fools

The only true April Fools prank I had yesterday was from Grace. She calmly informed me I had a bunch of spiders in my hair when we got in the car after school yesterday. Ummm, ha ha. So funny to someone at the ripe ol' age of seven, I suppose. I just wish what the mechanic told us about Nate's car yesterday was an April Fools!


Ollievie said...

Spider in the hair must be some sort of universal thing, because it's what I kept getting yesterday too!

I hate car trouble - and I'm not going to feel guilty for using such strong language :) There's something not right about having to dish out big bucks for a depreciating asset.

Katers said...

bummer about the car...maybe it's time for that upgrade you were thinking about?!?

H. said...

Oh no! What happened with his car? Is this the 626? I remember when that was your nice car!