Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calgon, take me away

For those of you wondering what we're doing that's so exciting it is preventing me from blogging - well the truth is there is not much worth blogging about. We're in the process of selling our house. Selling one's house signifies change. For those of you who know me rather well know I really am not too keen on change. Also, Jimmy has recently decided napping would not be on his daily agenda. This would be fine except for the wee little fact that he is then completely exhausted around 4:30. This complicates the transition time between school and dinner. Nate had been MIA for a while (meaning the hospital sucked him up and and took a long time spitting him back out each day (or maybe even the next day). Thankfully his schedule changed this week and already things are tremendously better. We're T-minus 10 weeks here, and I guess its time to get crackin'! Grace recently told me, "Don't worry Mom, everything is better in California." I'm trying to believe her!

Some other fine wisdom of the day (this comes from Nate directed to Grace): "If you have to take a breath during the punchline [of your joke], its just not funny."


Katers said...

Just remember life is an ADVENTURE Sarah, and moving to California is going to be a wonderful time!

Jamie said...

Good luck on selling your home, sorting, packing, planning, etc. Change isn't my favorite thing either, but think of the adventure ahead! And by the way, I'm impressed that Jimmy has taken naps for you this long! That's amazing! (And I realize my amazement isn't helping the situation either :)).

Laura F said...

So, we were at Sea World last week and a little girl named Grace got to feed the dolphins during the show. My kids told me matter-of-factly later that it was their friend grace, because she was moving to San Deigo. :-) I thought it was funny how they put that together! 10 weeks huh? Maybe we'll overlap a little after all! Justin graduates this week and starts work May 4th... hopefully the rest of us will be a few weeks later. Good luck - we decided to rent our home for now - I'm not envious of the selling thing!