Saturday, May 9, 2009

road trip

Yesterday began very unlike most Fridays. We woke up early to London-like fog. We rustled up the kids and put them in the car while they were still in pajamas. And then we drove 3 1/2 hours north (hoping the whole time the rain would magically stop). Our destination - Nauvoo, Illinois.

Nauvoo sits right along side the Mississippi river and between the months of May and September is generally hot, humid, and full of mosquitoes and other yucky bugs. Thankfully the rain did stop, the sun came out, and the bugs and humidity stayed far away. That is some magic.

Another perk to our trip - my parents met us there for the day. Jimmy could not wait to meet his Pops (whom he has decided is his "favorite about big boys"). Grace was excited to learn about the Pioneers. Most of my pictures ended up being of Jimmy because he was way too busy to learn anything about the Pioneers.

Oh and for all of you future-Nauvoo travelers who fear the lack of tasty dining there - fear no longer. We had a lovely lunch at the Zion Mercantile (cutesy cafe and gift shop right across from the temple). Also, we drove into the thriving (well, if you squinted and used your powers of Pretend you could say it was thriving) metropolis of Keokuk, Iowa, for dinner. We ate at the appropriately named Hawkeye for dinner. I have to say, it was good and rather tasty family fare.

After our goodbyes to Salsie and Pops, we began our journey home. The rain began just South of Keokuk. It was as if our magic ran out, but we were sure glad while it lasted.

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Natty by Nature said...

That is an awesome day trip. I'm jealous.