Monday, August 10, 2009

hanging for a while

We're pretty settled and have found ourselves a routine. The kids wake up around 8. We watch some Tom & Jerry and 'Gracie's Pink Cat' (can you guess which cartoon that one is?) and have a little breakfast. After that we run an errand or two, go to the library, and then hang out either at home or the pool or the park. I suppose because it is so basic and routine I haven't feel the urge or need to blog. (Also, we've been playing a lot of Uno. If you can make yourself not to look at Gracie's cards, one could argue she's a pretty mean uno player).

My parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun to have them here. The kids loved seeing them again! We visited the beach, the harbor, Coronado, Old Town, and some other San Diego musts. We're looking forward to November when they come back.

This past (long) weekend we were in Phoenix visiting Nate's family. Nate flew out Friday night and met us there. His two brothers were around and we had some serious uncle-fun-time. I have decided not to try and figure out how many hours the kids spent playing with the Wii. We also spent several hours in their pool, it really is the best way to stay cool when it is 114 degrees. It turns out we're going back there a week from Thursday, Nate will be interviewing with an ENT group.

I suppose interviews are our next project. He's got another one lined up in Dallas as well. Its kind of exciting to think about finally being done with full time training and having him move on to regular full time employment!


GG/MOM/geny said...

Sarah..remember the movie "Porgy and Bess?" And how Grandpa and I took you to see "Catfish Row" location in downtown Charleston? Well, then you must remember the song" --"Summertime----and th' livin' is easy***" (sigh-lean back and enjoy some zzz's) Maybe you should rent that love story movie..for you are not supposed to be too boxed in with daily plans. Summer is too precious not to spend all you can outdoors. And so far it appears your stay in San Deigo in just 12 months..soak it all in..there has to be a million sights you want to post in this marvelous blog.
Not surprised at all Nate is on Interview Circuit already..they know a good man when they read of him.
I recently found table seasoning shaker "Mrs Dash in "Italian Medley"..has it been here forever and I did not know? Oh how I love it on these fresh-from-vine- tomatoes and Sarah, those little red skin potatoes? Just place big lump of butter and small amout of cream cheese in botton of Presto Pressure cooker..then put in 8 or ten of these potatoes..sprinkle a bit of this Itlian Blend,cook at 5 lbs pressure for 5 or 7 minutes; remove from heat..when pressure down AND IT IS SAFE TO OPEN, do so. Then in great, marvelous, satisfying silence engage your mouth in a most delicious taste. Remarkable. Your "Grits-By-The-Seaside-GG shares this bit of info.GG/MOM/gg

Another Duree Family said...

Sounds like you guys are having so much fun! We miss you guys!!! We will be moving shortly as well. Farewell St. Louis!

Ollievie said...

A routine . . . I'm sooooo jealous. Good luck with the upcoming interviews!

Angelavon said...

Wow! I can't imagine just settling in a new place and already interviewing for you next move. YOU ARE AMAZING! Good luck to you guys! We miss you!

H. said...

Wow, interviews already! This is exciting, is it not?