Wednesday, August 19, 2009

past the border guards and through the desert

To Grandma's house we go.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Nate's parents' house for a few days. You wouldn't believe how many homeland security checks we have to go through (and my favorite, the fruit and plant check point on our way back into California)!

Nate has an interview with a practice in Phoenix this weekend. Should be interesting.


kim said...

man! you guys have ben crazy busy this summer. It looks like you have madequite a few memories along the way as well! You guys are so cute!

H. said...

Let me know how the interview goes. Is this the same practice Nate's been corresponding with for the past few years?

Kev and Chels said...

I hadn't caught up on my Gracisms for a while. So funny! I'm copying your idea with the list of funnies on the side, although i'm afraid her's are just endearing to me, not so much hilarious to the whole human family. hope the interview went well

GG/MOM/geny said...

Hi--Border Guards are great and also very unwavering. I remember buying a dozen very beautiful and a little costly, perfect oranges in Florida enroute to Az many years ago..taking to the Grabowski and Dahlberg homes in Tucson. Who cares if they grow them in Az?? Florida oranges are sweeter as no alkali in soil..Well, Arizona Guard said "No Mam, you cannot take them in. You can discard them over there." I said no, I will give them away. I looked at Jim and said we will have to go back.."Go back, WHERE???" Just drive to next gas station and park. When we arrived I said you have to eat two, and I will eat two.."Right NOW?" he asked? Sure, that will be four, our lunch. I will give four to someone buying gas." What about the other four..?? I will take them in Ladies Room with me.."What for? he asked me in most suspicious tone? I said Jim, I am just going to Ladies Room and sailed away fast. Well, I re-arranged my clothing somewhat, came back and told him all was well..and this evening you can buy a nice dinner. When we came to Border Guard Station again, a new one came to our car, checked and waved us on. I believe I saw some smoke coming from Jim's ears for a second and then he started laughing and he laughed and laughed..when he had calmed down and could talk.. grinning he asked what happens when we arrive in Tucson? "I give two oranges to Grabowskis and two to Dahlbergs and all you have to do is smile and exclaim how delicious they are. And promise not to tell.
But I repented and never did that again.
So are the oranges hanging ripe on the Phoenix trees just now??? Or-am I speaking out of season.???
From your repentant geny-in-goose-creek-next-to-Charleston-by-the-seaside-who wishes to know how Nate enjoyed the interview?

Alicia said...

I hope the AZ interview went well; we would love you to live nearby!