Tuesday, September 14, 2010

call of the wild

I am not an adventurer (or at least one that enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors). The other people I live with are. Although it doesn't really seem so in this particular picture. They were hungry when this was taken. I now think it is very funny, at the time well not so much.

When Nate was little and would bug his mom while she was making dinner she would have him write reports to keep her out of her hair. These reports would always be about Birds of Prey. He was going to be an Ornithologist (or a Tree Surgeon). I suppose Otolaryngology is close - its a long "O" word that no one really knows and he is a surgeon - but one of people, not trees.

Since moving here to our desert oasis we have seen SO MANY BIRDS! So many in fact that we don't have a particular place the binoculars belong. They are just out ALL THE TIME. We have even had emergency runs for the binoculars when say a curved bill thrasher is hoping around the saguaro or something majorly exciting like that.

Today they (the Adventurers) were practicing various bird calls towards the end of dinner. I finally excused them all and sent them on an excursion. They are now bird spotting down the street at the lake (because really with the kids you aren't "watching" the birds, you more or less spot them as they fly away) (the Jr. Adventurers aren't necessarily quiet as they approach the wildlife and for some reason the birds seem to fly away in haste).

While they are gone, I believe I am going to sneak one of Grace's Lindt truffles her Primary teacher gave them on Sunday. She really won't notice and let's be serious - she cannot appreciate a good truffle just yet. Perhaps when she is more settled in her bird watching and calling hobby I might introduce her to the beauty of good chocolate (I think I'll save The Beauty of Fine Chocolate until she's older).


Anonymous said...

I would. She would be just as happy with an M&M.
Dad and I drove out to the great beyond Saturday night to star watch. We saw an owl and a shooting star. I felt like an adventurer.

Katers said...



Enjoy that chocolate, Sarah! With mine, its butterflies, bugs and puppys.