Tuesday, September 7, 2010


(To be sung to the familiar tune: Somewhere over the Rainbow, Judy Garland style)

Somewhere over (or perhaps under) the rainbow
The wind is cool.
One's a/c unit works
And so does someone's pool.

Not here, in Arizona
Skies are hot.
My a/c works but the ceiling rains
Really quite a lot.

Someday my pool man will come
And with him he will bring the parts required
To fix my pool vac and then
The gunk and junk will meet their end.

Somewhere out there I know the
Pina Coladas come
With pink umbrella adornments
And plenty of shade from the sun.

(Author's note: you may infer that I am hot, this leads to unfortunate alternate song lyrics. Please don't judge.)

1 comment:

Katers said...

I would take the heat! It has become cooler here, we had to dig out our fall/winter clothes :-( NOT what we want to do!