Thursday, December 16, 2010

a holiday song

The following is an excerpt from my version of Christmas Waltz (Carpenter's Style)

Its that time of year when Moms want to scream out loud,
Every child near seems to say,
Mom can you do this, can you bake this for me, can you play?

And this song of mine,
in three-quarter time
Wishes you and yours
Serious Sanity

The end for now.
PS. Jimmy will be more than happy to help you wrap your presents. He does an excellent job of randomly assigning gift tags, knotting up the ribbons, and wrinkling and smooshing the paper. But he's also very, very cute and sincere about it all.
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Katers said...

Jimmy and Erin must have the same line of thought! Izzy on the other hand is our official gift tag writer, however, she gets soooo mad when her writing is off the sticker (and about halfway across the package). I really enjoyed saying to the kids, sorry, we are DONE wrapping presents.

Sally Morrison said...

Do you remember when Elwood ate the candy canes off our Christmas packages? At least Jimmy isn't doing he?

Let Jimmy wrap mine. That would be sweet!