Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Baby, slip some non-educational reform under the tree for me

Grace informed me this morning what she intended to discuss with Santa the she next time she saw him. She was going to make sure he knew that Mr. Obama's ideas on education reform and plans for implementation just would not work and should be stopped. She's amazingly passionate about this.

As one who never really delves into politics, I was a bit surprised. But it turns out her teacher yesterday told the kids of The President's plan for lengthening the school day and the school week.

Grace's response:
If its longer in the morning, well that just won't work. I mean I don't even get up until 7:00 as it is. If its longer in the afternoon, well then I won't get home until like 6:00 and then I'd have just an hour to do my homework and when will I get to watch all my shows? And if there is school on Saturdays, well I just won't even go. That's when I spend time with you guys [her family]. (Evidently she's not going to miss out on that.)

So that's what she and Mr. C will discuss. Perhaps the years of childlike innocence are up already. Whatever happened to, "Santa, what I really want is a pony"!?!!?


Anonymous said...

I really think she would be a good president. Common sense that girl has; for sure!

Gina said...

Your title has a ring to it. That Grace is so funny! What a pistol.

Laura F said...

Our school district votes next week on lengthening the school day, that after passing full-day kindergarten districtwide. I think that's crazy to do all in the same year and am rather passionate about it these days too. Tell Grace she has an ally. Poor Audrey will start kindergarten next year going full day and not getting home until almost 4:30. I'm SO not happy.