Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today there are four people I care about who find themselves in the hospital. (To relieve any stress associated with the previous statement, no one pictured above is in any hospital that I know of except of course Nate, but truth be told he is actually in a surgery center this morning so I would say that doesn't count).

My Grandma TicTac (as my friend from high school used to refer to her as) is in the hospital once again. This is the third time in about two months. I live far away from her now and I can't just buzz up I-55 and see her. Another gal I know is in the hospital here, she's recovering from a cancer-related procedure. And then of course there are two guys in St. Louis, both of whom we know so very well. One needs a kidney transplant, the other is donating his kidney.

So today I pray every one involved in these situations will be blessed with peace and strength to heal and overcome. I pray their medical care will be more than exquisite. And I pray their families will find the power to cope and stay strong.

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Katers said...

Hey Sarah....thinking of you and your friends and family....

Anonymous said...

Prayers can work miracles for the one praying and the one who needs the prayers. We are all on the same page with this. Love you.