Saturday, January 22, 2011

the silent night of a motley crew

An Evening Quite Extraordinary
cast: Grace, Tyler, Jack, Charlie, Jimmy, Jenna, Zac, Hank
Crew assembles:
Angel, Mary, Joseph, Wise Guy 1, Shepherd, Wise Guy 2, Wise Guy 3
Joseph and Mary finally reach their destination. Mary is posed to recieve the gift of her son. Joseph looks on with great anticipation.
They cradle the new child and are protected by a most sincere shepherd.
The shepherd decided he had other things to do. No worries though, as the heroic Wise Guys (Super J, a fireman, and of course Spiderman) appear. Please note that Wise Guy 3 even solves the problem of lack of sheep.
Wise Guy 2 then takes over sheep duties.
The angel looks on with her halo of a hot pink feather boa.
Our Christmas Eve was awesome. I hope yours was too.

1 comment:

Sally Morrison said...

WOW, I had no idea a fireman, and two super heroes were the wisemen! Amazing!!
Seriously, I love their earnest looks of devotion.