Friday, March 4, 2011

dream on

The following actually took place in one of my vivid dreams of last night-
Donald Trump came up to me with that crazy flop of hair while carrying an acrylic pitcher of Diet Coke. "You want to split this?," he said. "Sure," I said.

We were of course sitting across from an immaculate-looking Sophia Loren named Donatella Versace. She of course was sitting with Valentino.

Now if only I could remember what I was wearing, I'm sure it was amazing.


Gina said...

Whoa! Rubbing shoulders with the hoity toitys! The light at the end of the Residency Tunnel is certainly looking bright! (Did you by chance discuss The Donald's plans for the presidential election?)

KevandChels said...

that is really really funny!