Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we're back

We survived a Spring Break Road Trip. And by survived I mean that we went, we're back, the laundry's done, and we're all still speaking to each other. Fourteen hours each way makes for a lot of togetherness. We went up to Northern California and saw Nate's old stomping grounds (and lots of other things). We visited cousins and friends and San Francisco. We pondered why we don't live there and found the answer to our question at about 5:50 p.m. one evening (traffic - its easy to forget how awful it is when you haven't been in it in a decade). We were rained on A LOT and found it ironic our first day back to the grind in AZ it rained A LOT as well.

Today we think fondly on our trip in the comfort of our own home as we cough and sneeze at each other. Grace has the added bonus of coughing and sneezing on us and not her school mates. A nap is in order for some and I think 2 out of 3 of us may actually cross the line of sleep.

Wishing you a restful Tuesday. May you find joy in your journey (wherever it is you are going - across country, across town, or across the living room) and relish in the laundry when you get home too.
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Seriously... said...

it was really fun seeing you guys. i'm still trying to figure out how we can "rent our wii".

MissMOE said...

Sound like a lovely trip to the perfect state! Enjoy that laundry.

amy said...

i was up in northern california this past weekend as well. wish i would have known you guys were there too! it did rain a ton. glad to hear you had a good trip. PLEASE don't ever come to SD without letting us know!

p.s. does it ever really rain in AZ a lot?!?!