Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It all started benignly enough. A mother-daughter hike with moms and girls from church, a sunrise hike at Pinnacle Peak. And may I say, the sunrise was beautiful. The girls ran ahead, the moms followed. We (the moms in the back) reached our last 1/3 mile or so. We were pleased to have made good time, thus allowing adequate opportunity for the rest of Saturday's activities and obligations to take place. If I was lucky, Grace and I would get home just as Nate needed to go in and round which would prevent Jimmy needing a sitter.

It would seem that I was not lucky.

I managed to slip on some loose gravel, fall forward, gain some major road burn, in-bed a rock in my hand, and tear a few ligaments in my ankle. With the help of a sweet, calm friend, I made it down off the mountain.

Nate and Jimmy met us at the ER (Jimmy even took a moment before hand to make me a picture of a dinosaur to feel me better, I will say it helped). My friend took Grace and Jimmy for the morning. And Nate dutifully stayed with me. We found it ironic that he was spending his Saturday morning at a hospital, but not the one he needed to be at to do his rounds.

We made it home by 11:00 (my, how long the morning is when you actually see the sun rise), with two new shiny crutches and a large, black Darth Vader-like boot.

It has now been 10 days and I can cruise around much of the time with NO crutches (but wearing of course my awesome footwear). I will admit that having a crutch to rely on does give me peace of mind. The first several days were not fun for anyone. Nate and the kids picked up the slack as I hobbled about and we have somehow managed.

And so we continue on.

I get to wear the Darth Vader beauty for several more weeks. I've considered being Vader for Halloween, but truth be told, I've wanted to be Princess Lea for a long time and none of her costumes would be done justice by wearing her father's boot (not even the gold one).


Wendy said...

at least you got a crutch and not a crotch. (bright side?) hoping for a speedy recovery but really? Black and silver go with everything.

amy said...

so sorry to hear about your accident/injury. bummer!

Kristin said...

I think Darth Vader is awesome, as are you! I'm sure you are "rocking" the boot!