Friday, October 28, 2011


We had such a fun time carving our pumpkins.

They were full of gooey guts and crunchy seeds.

And when I mention that WE carved our pumpkins, of course I mean that Nate carved them.

The rest of us just played around.

Jimmy's was a spooky one.

Grace's was of course a Harry Potter one.

And then we found our pumpkins (just 3 days later) in an ultra-spooky state:

Happy Halloween!


Wendy said...

Love that Nate was wearing gloves...did you help him prep? did he scrub to the elbows? and did he ask for "scalpel"

Sally Morrison said...

That is quite a Halloween trick! Looks really scary!

Ollievie said...

the moldy pumpkins are fabulous!