Saturday, November 5, 2011

the concert

A few weeks ago we had a rare opportunity - a 4th grade Tonette concert!
A Tonette concert?, you ask, is that something like 50 nine year-olds blowing until they are blue in the face into plastic recorders to make "music?"

No. In fact there is a significant difference between a Tonette and a recorder (though I have no idea what it is). The children produced charming songs (sometimes with intentional harmony). It was a fun evening and just the start of many concerts in the future. For the first quarter, band students play the Tonette, from there they are able to choose an instrument to focus on for the rest of the year. Since this particular Tonette night, we have been delighted with the tones of the flute. So far we've heard B flat, A flat, C, D, and G. It's fabulous.

ps the children were asked to wear black and white for the concert. grace chose her black and white striped dress. imagine our surprise to see the other children in white shirts and black pants. are we in agreement grace's choice is the more darling of the ensembles? i thought so.

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Anonymous said...

She's awesome. Love that girl!