Tuesday, November 8, 2011

12 hours

Ever wonder what we look like after 12 hours of driving in the car through all kinds of weather and terrain (including the three different regions of Arizona which we heard about in detail from our 4th grade geographer) and including a completely different nation (that would be the Navajo Nation))?

I'm sure you have wondered such things. So I'll show you:

Not too shabby I think, all things considered.

For the permanent record (because that's what this is) these pictures were taken as we were dining at the fine establishment of El Azteca. Sadly it was not the original El Azteca (the one Nate and I would eat at multiple Monday nights of the month because of their fine offering of "All You Can Eat Crispy Beef Taco" night), as the original one closed down right around the time we moved to STL (and that, my friends, was a very long time ago). This was the Taco Shop owned by the same people. And it was delicious.

For Fall Break (I LOVE Fall Break), we headed North to show the kids all things Provo, to visit with some family members in SLC, to attempt and pull off a surprise birthday party for my mother in law (yeah, she lives here, but she was up there at the time), and have a quick respite in Park City (we loved PC so much, we actually discussed what it would take to move there - don't worry though, I think it is just a dream).

(More to come (eventually))

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Seriously... said...

i love PC too....and midway....and i'm still plotting and trying to figure out how to get there. if you guys figure it out, let me know.