Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In this picture Jimmy is modeling what has got to be my most favorite Kindergarten Thanksgiving themed headgear - Turkey Drumsticks. As with most things awesome from Kindergarten, they are constructed out of paper bags. I'm sorry the picture doesn't do them justice. He is also pointing to an exquisite portrait of our family.

The following are a few pieces of vital facts that he has come home from school and shared with me:

1. Culinary school is the worst kind of school ever. You can never see your parents; you sleep there, but only until 3 in the morning when they wake you up; your teacher can never, ever feed you; and you stay there forever.

Jimmy, maybe you mean boarding school? "Um, yeah, I guess. But its the worst kind of school EVER."

2. One of the biggest insults one can receive is being called "Eye Ball Lips." He is still taken aback that someone had the audacity to call him this. The person who offered him this indignity also happens to speak "salty."

3. Mice are good. Rats are EVIL.

4. One can determine the girl one will marry easily. Especially if the girl in question wears her Super Girl shirt on the same day you wear your Super Man shirt.

5. It is important to be diligent about writing your name on your paper each and every time. But it is especially awesome if every once and a while you give yourself a middle name on your paper - a middle name such as "Pherb." (The particular spelling of this name was intentionally done in honor of Phineas and Ferb, he decided to blend the PH and the -erb in honor of the two boys. I like his mini self-lesson in phonics).

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Anonymous said...

You can only wear a turkey leg hat for a few years. J carries it well. What a little man! Love him to pieces!