Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last night Jimmy was telling us about a boy in his class. This is how it went down:
J: Well, he talks kind of different and he smells different too.
Us: What do you mean?
G: Yeah, does he have an accent or something?
J: No. Well, well he talks kind of SALTY.
Us: SALTY?!??
J: Yep, and he smells salty too.
G: Maybe he's from The Coast.

Yeah, maybe. There are lots of Coasts here in AZ!

(ps The above picture was actually taken on the coast last March and it features four rowdy cousins and my favorite bridge.)


Sally Morrison said...

Kindergarten just opens your mind to all types of opinions and experiences. Love it!

Wendy said...

When Bradley tasted salt for the first time he said he thought that is what an elephant tasted like. Maybe Jimmy has an elephant in class?

Brittany and Brooke Graham said...

haha that is so great! i'm so glad you are writing down the hilarious things your kids say :)