Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In the last 24 hours I discovered that Superman's alias is not named Clark Kent.
His real name is Nate.
This man can fix a non-functioning laptop, dismantle a non-working washing machine, diagnose its problem, and then reassemble it with a new part, oversee the construction of a fort in the front room, give a speech to a high-rollin' group to raise big bank for the hospital, teach me how to sweet talk another computer into working, slow dance in the family room, and work on his sourdough starter.
He can do all of this in a 27 hour period of time, and still keep his day job.
(I wish I would have bought him this shirt)
Thank you, Superman, I mean Clark Kent, I mean Nate! What on earth would we do without you?

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Sally Morrison said...

Don't forget the pie...