Wednesday, August 3, 2011

things from today from a long, long time ago

All summer I've wanted to take the kids to the dinosaur museum. Seemed like the thing to do when it was 108 degrees outside.
We finally did it today. I must say there was some good sibling vibes going on.
We saw all kinds of dinosaur bones (this of course is a bad picture of a triceratops).
We saw a crazy meteorite that crashed into Tucson ages ago.
We assembled a mastodon (well, really they did, I was just along to provide photographic evidence).
The above was my favorite sign of the day (it was even worth reading, if you ask me). I've been chuckling about it all afternoon.
Grace demonstrated that if we were dependent on grinding our own corn and wheat with this method we would indeed be hungry and rather skinny.
Jimmy proves he may not be as big as a dinosaur, but he's pretty tough (or something).

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